January 19, 2018

Fall in Love with the Oregon Coast, Again- (Part One)

When was the last time you were at the Coast? If you're like many Oregonians, chances are, not that long ago; or perhaps it has been a while after all. The Oregon Coast, and its 300+ miles of accessible beach along the Pacific Ocean is an ideal place for us to get away for a quick trip out of town. There's something for everyone, whether you're visiting Astoria in the north, Port Orford in the south, or somewhere in between, there are explorations and adventures to be had all throughout the year.

Anyone whose spent time at the Coast is sure to have stories of fun memories complimenting the breathtaking views and spectacular natural wonders which can be found in this lush region of the state. Many of us have our favorite haunts, small towns and parks which we love to return to time and again. But how well do you REALLY know the Coast? If it's been awhile since you've visited a town on the Oregon Coast for the first time, or you've never been to a particular beach before, make 2018 the year you get off the well-loved path to the Coast which you know so well, and discover something new.

When it comes to the Central Oregon Coast, first thoughts turn towards Newport and Lincoln City, and the Chinook Winds Casino. The region itself runs from Lincoln City, south down to Yachats. Known as the "Heart of the Coast", this area has some incredible gems worth visiting.

One such place is Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City.  You can visit Cape Kiwanda Natural Area day-use park year round, where it's said some of the most spectacular waves can be seen. You've probably seen Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, but Cape Kiwanda has it's own Haystack Rock too, another monolith still standing against the power of the sea.  The park is a favorite stop for fishing and picnic afternoons.

The beaches around Lincoln City often have a treasure of their own waiting for the lucky person to find it. From October through May, over 3,000 hand-crafted glass floats are "hidden" along the beaches. These aren't from old fishing nets on the other side of the Pacific. These are made by local glass artists, and strewn about the 7-mile stretch of beach 6 months out of the year. These vibrant and unique pieces of art are there for the taking, "Finders Keepers" they say, it's all about spreading a bit of joy in an already beautiful place.

Many know of Devils Punch Bowl, an incredible, natural bowl of carved rock exposed to the Pacific Ocean. But have you heard of Thor's Well?  This is a sight which needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate what it is. Located along Cape Perpetua near Yachats, this natural phenomenon is best observed at high tide. This gaping rock hole along the Coast appears to be draining the ocean, as waves rush in water drains away. It can be a risky place to visit, staying back at a safe distance is imperative, but the sight to see is one to remember.

If you are ready to explore the Central Oregon Coast, you can do so with ease and comfort on our upcoming NW Small Group trip with Agent Host, Steven Kay, April 20-23, 2018. Let us take care of the details while you relax and enjoy an Oregon Coast getaway. This trip to the Central Coast is not the only one we have planned, Visit our Website to learn more, including about the latest deals, exciting offers and our service fees. Be sure check back here soon for part two of our series about the Hidden Gems of the Coast, you'll fall in love with the Coast all over again.

*Photo Attributions:
MiddleLeft: Kape Kiwanda: By Thomas Shahan (Kiwanda Tide Pool  Uploaded by Jacopo Werther) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons 

Bottom RIght: Thor's Well: By John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA (Thor's -- Well???) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons 

January 12, 2018

Cruise Wave Season- What is it?

Cruise travel is popular for a reason, well many reasons actually. There’s a wide range of cruise ships available, varying by size, destination focus, on-board amenities, off-board excursions and even budgets, making this type of travel suitable for just about anyone. One of the biggest allures of cruise travel are the conveniences available. On a cruise, you need only unpack once, while you visit several different locations, sometimes even different countries, in one trip. Many cruise lines offer activities and explorations designed for different ages, ideal for a family vacation to ensure everyone has a great time. Another draw to cruise travel are the special deals which passengers can take advantage of. 

The start of a new year means one thing in the world of cruising, Cruise Wave Season.  As soon as January 1st arrives, and sometimes before then, it seems that every cruise line has an incredible offer, or two or three, available.  Cruises are typically booked well in advance of a departure date, and the sooner you reserve your stateroom, the sooner you’ll be assured to get what you want from your cruise, such as the ideal stateroom for your needs and budget, and access to pre-booking popular excursions and on-board amenities. 

Chances are, if you’re ready to plan a cruise now, you’ll be traveling later this year, or perhaps even the next. This is where Cruise Wave Season comes in. A new year is a new start, and what better way to start planning a new vacation than with some excellent deals? To encourage guests to reserve their cruise sooner rather than later, cruise lines offer some of their best deals of the year during Cruise Wave Season. For anyone given the gift of travel over the holiday season, yet still needing to decide on where and how to go, these sales come at the perfect time.

Each cruise line offers their own special promotions, some of these sales have brief booking windows, where travelers need to act fast to take advantage of them. Others last longer, from 1-4 months, allowing a bit more time to research your options and discuss your ideal cruise itinerary with your Travel Professional. The variety of Cruise Wave Deals makes it easier to find the best options at the best prices, now

Here’s a peek at just a few Cruise Wave Season Deals that are now available:

Princess Cruise Line- Anniversary Sale- Up to $600 On Board Spending! Offer Expires 2/14/18

Holland America Line- View & Veranda Upgrades & up to $500 On Board Spending! Offer Expires 3/15/18

Azamara Club Cruises- 50% Off 2nd Guest Passenger & Free Wi-Fi! Offer Expires 2/28/18

MSC Cruises- 2 for 1 Cruises! & Up to  $150 On Board Spending! Offer Expires 3/31/18

The agents at C.P. Trips Inc are putting together information on Cruise Wave Season deals to add to our website Cruises Page. The ones listed above are just the beginning. Discover more helpful information such as our service fees policy and other travel promotions, at our Website, which is under a New Name: www.cptripsinc.com