March 13, 2015

Cindy’s Travel Tips- Packing

When it comes to preparing for a trip, do you get frustrated at the idea of packing? From choosing what to pack, to making it all in fit in your luggage, to thinking of all the what if’s you should bring, packing can become its own little nightmare before you even get out the door on your next vacation. We are here to help. Cindy has compiled a list of suggestions that can help you become a packing pro, and check off one more item on your vacation preparation checklist. 

                 Get yourself organized-
·       Organization Pouches- these can be used to pack clothing flat and neatly roll up to save space.
·       Packing Cubes- with multiple compartments these help keep your toiletries and small items organized and easy to find. 

Wardrobe Necessities-
·       Weather appropriate- Check the weather of your destination and pack a raincoat, gloves or hat if there is rough weather forecasted
·       Night vs. Day- bring a sweater or coat for cooler nighttime temperatures
·       Foot care- Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, and bring an extra pair to switch out from time to time- if you do a lot of walking on your vacation, your feet will thank you.
Power On-
·       Outlet converters- multiple plug-ins for your electric accessories will help ensure you have enough access to power where ever you stay
·       Electrical adapters & conversion plugs- for travel abroad these are needed to use in other countries with different outlet designs.
·       Extra Chargers- for your portable devices, and the ability to charge more than one at a time.
·       Extra Batteries- for anything that takes batteries save time and money by bringing your own extra supply

In a Fix Essentials-
·       Duct tape- a quick fix for just about anything that may break
·       Utility Swiss Army knife- from scissors, to clippers and small blades these come in handy regularly.
·       Sewing kit- loose a button on your dinner jacket?  No problem, you will be prepared.
Medications are a must-
·       Over the counter Medicines- save time and money and bring the basics like your own pain reliever or indigestion tablets, be sure to keep them in their original bottles
·       Prescriptions- avoid running out and the hassle of getting an order refilled, bring an extra supply and a note from your doctor to help expedite your way through security at airports.

Some Simple Basics-
·       Resealable plastic bags- Most helpful with wet bathing suits or toiletry bottles
·       Contact Information- In case you need to reach someone at home, bring a list of three friends or family members, and as always, the name and number of your Travel Professional.
·       A book- If you read from a tablet, bring a backup book in case you run into problems with recharging or accessing power. 

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