December 4, 2017

Return to Your Roots Through Travel

Knowing where you come from can bring with it a deeper sense of belonging to something more. It seems almost daily someone is sharing their world-wide roots through DNA testing, which is gaining in popularity. Sometimes known family history is confirmed. Other times, many a surprising connection to various places are revealed. But what do you do once you know where you’re from? Taking a trip to your ancestral homelands is a wonderful way to connect with your roots, and yourself.

Travel today offers more than just big tour buses and photo ops. With a focus on unique and in-depth experiences, travel is about connecting with different cultures and histories as much as it’s about connecting with yourself and your travel companions. Whether you travel independently or through a specialized tour or cruise company, you can plan a magical journey to remember. Such a journey can be made even more special if it’s to where your family comes from.

We have become such a melting pot of heritages and cultures, going back to the places we come from is a wonderful way to connect with our past and discover a part of who we are. My husband Tony and I were able to experience this on a trip we took to Spain recently. Our travels there also highlighted just how connected we two really are.

My father’s side of the family is from Ireland, but before reaching the Emerald Isle, our ancestral clans were in Spain, part of the Celtic tribes of the Iberian Peninsula who were some of the earliest Europeans to migrate to Ireland.

My Husband, Tony, looks every bit of a Roman-Italian with his olive skin and dark hair and eyes. While his family left the Naples area of Italy for American shores, his ancestral roots actually go back to the Spanish-Jewish migration which was brought on by the Inquisition of the Middle Ages.

Imagine how interesting it was for us to discover both our families come originally from Spain. With both of us having ancestral roots in Spain, our travels there were that much more special through discovering in person a part of our own past which we in turn share together.

When we connect with the past, we connect with ourselves and help create new connections for future generations. Taking a multi-generational trip to where your family once lived not only offers something special for everyone, such a trip can bring your and your loved-ones closer through the memories created in your ancestral homeland. This is what makes knowing where your roots are from such an amazing thing. A journey to your roots is a journey to yourself. 

We would love to hear from you directly about your family’s roots, and the exciting connections you have discovered yourself. Call or email us today and tell us all about your past, and we can help you plan an exploration to your ancestral homelands.

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November 17, 2017

Discover the World's Best Holiday Lights Destinations

With the holidays fast approaching we thought it would be fun to share some of the best, world-renown destinations to enjoy holiday lights and festivities. There are winter holidays across cultures around the planet. Whatever your celebration focus may be, a getaway to one of these magical places is sure to add to your holiday spirit and memories. 

Albuquerque New Mexico: River Of Lights
A  River of Lights created by local artists takes you through the ABQ BioPark

 Ayala Triangle Gardens, Manila-Philippines -Dancing Light Show
Incredible choreographed lights with classic Holiday music- wow- just wow!

Kobe Japan, Luminara Light Display
These exquisite lights evoke the feeling of being within a grand cathedral, and more.

Medellin, Columbia - City of Lights
More than just an incredible light display to walk through- this is a city-wide festival of the holiday spirit. 

Melbourne, Australia- Town Hall Light Show
Melbourne's town hall comes to life with holiday fun and their Light Show performances.

Nashville, TN- Gaylord Opryland Resort
Millions of lights inside and out, this is a truly spectacular sight!

Niece, France- Village de Noel
Lively and fun experiences day and night, it's a village affair

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
The Old World and the Modern, International World come together here through the spirit of the holidays.

Victoria B.C.- Find Christmas Here
Forests of Lights and so much more- The holiday spirit is alive and well Victoria B.C.

However you celelbrate the holidays, we hope you have a wonderful season full of blessings and joy. Discover more travel inspiration, helpful information such as our service fees policy and travel promotions, and more at our website.

November 8, 2017

Give the Gift of Travel

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and before you know it Christmas and New Year's Eve will be here and gone again. The Holiday season is upon us, with a wide range of cultural and religious celebrations happening all over the world, this is the also the season of giving. No matter how you celebrate, time spent with family and friends is to be cherished, and as one year ends, now is the time when many of us are able to come together for some quality time.

It's also the time for giving gifts to those we love. Often we are faced with a conundrum when it comes to gift giving. What do you give to someone who has everything?  What can you give to someone who, try as you might, won't give you a wish list? And what can you give to that special someone which will make their heart melt and their spirit soar?  The answer is simple-  Travel!

The gift of travel is an ideal gift for just about everyone, no matter their likes and dislikes, a vacation to somewhere is sure to please. Travel is also a gift which keeps on giving, in the form of life-long memories to share and re-live once you return home. To give the gift of travel is to give the gift of a unique experience.

Is it time for a family vacation soon?  Why not surprise the kids during the holidays with a cruise or theme park vacation?  You can still plan a quick getaway during the season, or reserve your space for next spring break or summer when school is out. The holidays are a great time to book your travel plans as there are a lot of year-end sales going on.

Are you looking to enjoy a romantic getaway with that someone special? A long weekend at the coast or in Mexico could be just the way to go. Near or far, there are a log of romantic travel ideas, such as staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast, or an all-inclusive beach resort near Mayan ruins in Cancun.

A girlfriends getaway to a luxurious spa need not just be for an afternoon. Surprise your best friend with a trip to Arizona, where some of the best, full-service spa resorts can be found. Or perhaps it's time for a guys' weekend to the extreme, treat your pal to a fishing weekend in Alaska, it will be time well spent and full of memories.

The holidays are a great time to also surprise a loved-one with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Recently engaged? Why not surprise your fiance with the gift of travel for your upcoming honeymoon, The Cook Islands are a tropical paradise like no other, or perhaps a magical trip to Ireland is in order. Do you or a loved one have a special birthday or anniversary coming up next year? Go big with your gift with a European river cruise or an African Safari.

The world is an amazing place, the gift of travel can take you and your loved ones all around the globe, and leave you with experiences and memories to treasure for a lifetime. For more inspiration, check out our Website for vacation ideas, special deals and more, including our service fee schedule. Then call one of our agents such as Cindy Passannante at 503-658-5646 or by email, to get the conversation started towards planning your Gift of Travel this Holiday Season.

November 3, 2017

Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level with C.P. Trips’ Fundraising with Travel Program

You can take your fundraiser to the next level when you pare a benefit auction with a travel package. If you work with an organization which depends on donations, where fundraising is key to successfully helping others in the community, C.P. Trips can help you generate more interest, and possibly more funds for your nonprofit group.

Many benefit fundraisers include auctions to help raise significant amounts of funding. Often the challenge can be finding those unique items or experiences which gala guests will be truly excited about. Doing so with a small budget can add to the challenges.

C.P. Trips can help! Our Fundraising with Travel program connects nonprofit organizations with unique and exotic destination travel packages for auction benefit fundraisers. Working with private villa owners, and luxury tour companies, we can provide you and your organization with a range of intriguing and exciting destinations which are sure to gain the attention of Auction guests, no matter the event.

Benefits of Fundraising with Travel include:

  • Travel Packages are a proven revenue-generating package that will bring excitement to your fundraising efforts and add dollars to your bottom line.
  • Risk – Free opportunity with NO upfront costs.
  • Added Concierge Service for your Organization and your clients.
  • Two–Year expiration on all packages provided (a distinct advantage over the traditional one-year expiration date for many auction items)
  • Unlimited sales potential as you can sell to as many bidders as you like (including post event sales to friends, family and those who did not attend your event.
  • Trips are sold exclusive of airfare --- However, Winner’s may use the services of C.P. Trips, to assist with airfare and additional options for their exciting package, for a small fee ($75.00) or this fee may be included this in the Reserve.

So where in the world could your donors travel to with the C.P. Trips Fundraising with Travel program? Choices begin with a special sailing along the Columbia River; or perhaps a retreat to Mexico where a private condo awaits is just the ticket. With villas in Italy and Bali, or our African Safari option, the ultimate in once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The best way to learn more and determine which Fundraising with Travel Package is best for your next fundraiser is to call Cindy Passannante, Owner and President of C.P. Trips, at (503) 658-5646 or email We also have information on our Website, with travel packages and options being updated regularly.

October 25, 2017

It’s Not Too Late to Getaway for the Holidays

By Dllu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Is this the year you want to take some time away with family or friends for the holidays? It’s not too late to plan a fun weekend with holiday cheer. Our latest Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) package to Victoria BC could be just the trip for you.

Coming up December 7- December 11th, 2017, get a glimpse of Canadian Holiday Traditions with a very special, long-weekend trip to Victoria, one of British Columbia’s historical gems. A special Classy Ladies Getaways group is ready to take the train to Seattle, then onto the Victoria Clipper for a stay at the enchanting Chateau Victoria hotel. During your visit you will experience the magic of the holidays at the Butchart Gardens, with their holiday lights show. 

Check out this Video for a sneak peak into what awaits visitors at the Gardens during the holidays.

If you are looking for something extra special and unique to share with the kids or grandchildren, this is an opportunity everyone will enjoy. Giving the gift of travel is also an ideal holiday gift; through traveling together, memories are created, and deep family connections can be enjoyed. A trip to Victoria B.C. is great way to start the holidays and get into the spirit of the season. 

Our Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) Package to Victoria Itinerary Details:

Dates: Thursday, December 7th through Monday, December 11th.

Train ride from Portland to Seattle
1-night at the Warwick Hotel in Seattle  
Victoria Clipper transport from Seattle to Victoria BC
2-night stay at the Chateau Victoria 
Transport and admission to Butchart Gardens Holiday Lights Show
Breakfast at the Chateau Victoria Hotel- both days
Admission to Afternoon Tea the Fairmont Empress Hotel
Return transport on the Victoria Clipper to Seattle
1-night at Warwick Hotel in Seattle 
Depart on Monday December 11, 2017 on the Amtrak Train to Portland 

Pricing by age:
$ 750.00 pp/dbl..... 18+
$ 450.00 pp/dbl..... Youth 13 – 17
$ 315.00 pp/dbl.....  Child 4 - 12

As an added bonus, part of this holiday getaway includes time in Seattle, where you can have you pick of other exciting options to entertain. Visit the Pike’s Place Market and Harbor, enjoy local music at a club, and take in the varied Seattle culinary scene.
This amazing holiday package is only available to book into until November 2nd, 2017, and space is limited; be sure to contact Cindy Passannante right away, by phone- 503-658-5646 or email-, to be sure you don’t miss out!

Be sure to  Visit our website for more travel ideas, including other incredible trips you can plan as a gift for that special someone. You’ll also find information about specialized travel planning, programs, as well as travel deals and the standard C.P. Trips Fee for Service details.

October 12, 2017

Neighborhood Travel Showcase- Agent Feature: Judy Arndt & Lisa Saunders

The first annual C.P. Trips Neighborhood Travel Showcase is happening today! This evening, from 6:30- 8:30, the agents of C.P. Trips will be on hand to help you plan your next dream vacation. Head over to Persimmon Country Club at 500Butler Rd., Gresham, OR for a fun and special night all about travel and community!

Not only is this a Free event, but you will enjoy some sweet treats, coffee &tea, and tasty wine tastings as well. And don’t forget another fun part of tonight’s gatherings includes exciting Free Raffle Prizes too- including a discount on your next vacation booked through C.P. Trips!

Not sure where you want to go or even when? Not to worry, at tonight’s Neighborhood Travel Showcase, we will have several C.P. Trips affiliated agents on hand to help you along the way towards your next getaway. We will even have specialized small group adventures ready for you to join. Whatever your passion for travel may be, chances are, we will have a trip just for you!

If you are looking to enjoy a great American journey, you will want to meet the spirit of Journeys by Judy herself, Judy Arndt. Judy has a special spotlight tour planned through Collette Tours, all around Washington D.C. Explore the Capital next Spring, for 5 days in May, 2018. Experience the history of our great nation in one place. Spotlight stops will include Mount Vernon, home to George Washington, the Smithsonian Institution, and Iconic Memorials honoring our fallen heroes, past and present. Intrigued? Want to know more? Come to the Neighborhood Showcase tonight and meet Judy, she can tell you all about it and get your space reserved!

Women, are you in need of a female-focused, spiritually empowering and relaxing retreat? You can have all of this when you join the Awaken Destiny Women's Vacation Retreat, organized and hosted by Lisa Saunders of Selah Retreats & Travel. Lisa has recently joined the C.P. Trips team of independent travel professionals, and she is ready to help you find some space, connect with yourself and other like-minded women with a very special retreat, coming up April 2018 in Carlsbad California

As Lisa puts it herself, “As women, it's not very often that we have opportunities to unplug and take time to tend to our heart and soul." The Awaken Destiny Women's Vacation Retreat is just that opportunity. And the ease of having everything offered as a complete package means no running around trying to book airfare and hotels. It's all taken care of. Just pack your bag and go! Where do you sign up? How about at tonight’s Neighborhood Travel Showcase? 

Come join the agents of C.P. Trips, travel partners, and other members of the local community this evening at the Persimmon Country Club- it’s sure to be a lot of fun and a great chance to get inspired to travel!

 Visit our website where you can not only meet all of our agents, but also find more information about specialized travel planning, programs, as well as travel deals and the standard C.P. Trips Fee for Service details.

October 10, 2017

Tip-Toe Through the Tulips of Europe

Are you ready to travel to Europe? Have you been thinking of taking a river cruise? Do you love gardening and the beauty of colorful tulips? Do you have a passion for quilting? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, we have the trip for you! Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) is embarking on an all-inclusive Emerald Waterways Netherlands River Cruise, April 5, 2018. Join your host, C.P. Trips, Inc. President and Owner, Cindy Passannante for a very special and exciting river cruise surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Belgium and the Netherlands.

A limited number of cruise staterooms have been reserved on board the Emerald Sky river cruise ship. As a part of this unique Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) adventure, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the vibrant tulips of the Netherlands, which will be in spectacular bloom during the cruise. Get your own perspective with photos of these flowers, which were once worth more than gold itself. Quilting buffs will have the chance to design their own “Tulip Square” to incorporate into a quilt of their own. Painters will be inspired to put brush to canvas and paint the tulips of the Netherlands. You can also extend your European vacation with three days in Paris after your cruise.

River cruising itself is on the rise in Europe. This is quickly becoming a favored way to tour the old country in style. Like their large ship cousins, river cruises allow you to unpack once and enjoy several destinations on one vacation. Unlike the larger ships however, a river cruise can take you to smaller ports, deeper within the countries of Europe, allowing you the chance to really experience the essence of these locations.

Emerald Waterways is at the top when it comes to high-quality river cruising. This award-winning cruise line offers the finest in cruising, with all-inclusive amenities on and off-board the ships. When they say all-inclusive, they mean, all-inclusive. Not only are meals and drinks provided on the ship, but gratuities are covered as well. Don’t worry about transportation, transfer to and from the ship are also included as are on-shore excursions.  Emerald Waterways caters to an active lifestyle as well, with heated swimming pools, on-board bicycles, a walking track and so much more.

 Watch this video to discover more about cruising on an Emerald Waterways River Cruise. Then RSVP and attend the upcoming Neighborhood Travel Showcase with C.P. Trips on Thursday, October 12th at Persimmon Country Club in Gresham.  

Cindy and our personal Emerald Waterways contact, Randy Goodrich will be there to provide more details about this exciting trip for 2018. With a $500 deposit per couple, you can reserve your stateroom, space is limited though so you won’t want to delay.  Go to our website, to learn more about C.P. Trips, including our agents, service fees and the Neighborhood Travel Showcase, where you can RSVP to attend- space is limited for this very special night of travel insights, innovations and inspirations- We would love to see you there!