December 21, 2016

Holidays around the World

What better time to learn about different destinations, than during the holiday season? All over the world people take some time as winter begins and the year ends, to celebrate love, life, peace and joy. Some festivities are spiritual and sacred, while others are simply about community connections and family. A sense of liveliness and fun can also be experienced when celebrating the spirit of the season. May You and your family have a blessed and bright holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Hanukkah Sameach, Habari Gani, Happy Dhanu Sankranti, and a Merry Winter Solstice to all!

One of my personal favorite destinations for the holidays is the Bavarian region of eastern Europe. Here you will find the Holiday Christmas markets of yester-year. Much of what the Victorian era brought us in the way of Christmas traditions comes from this part of Europe, where Prince Albert was from. You can find old-fashioned, hand crafted toys, decorations and gifts at world famous markets in Germany and Austria. River Cruise up the Danube to visit all the world's greatest Christkindlesmarkts with Collette Tours, perfect for anyone who wants to step back in time for the holidays.

Across the globe, the winter holidays are centered around the Winter Solstice. Long
celebrated by various people from different countries world wide, the winter solstice is an important time of year for many cultures. Celebrating the power of yin-yang energy within the cosmos, which ebbs and flows, and balances throughout the year at the solstices and equinoxes, the Dongzhi Festival is a popular holiday celebration you can find in many countries around East Asia, including China and Taiwan. One popular tradition is time spent with family making sweet treats of tangyuan rice balls or dumplings together. 

There are also Winter Solstice celebrations and observances at some unique sites. Stonehenge brings people by the thousands to witness the rising of the winter solstice sun. A little lesser known, but just a dramatic is a local celebration in Lokken, Denmark. A celebration is held at Solhvervssøjlen a piece of modern art which marks where the sun sets over the North Sea at the winter and summer Solstice. 

If you are thinking a holiday season spent in warmer weather is not a bad idea after all, south of the border, Mexico has an amazing 9 day celebration, Las Posadas, this festive celebrations takes Christmas Caroling to a whole new level, with community processionals lead by candle light, and ending with a family fun, feasting and of course pinatas. If you want to get into the heat of one of the world's largest, and best New Year's Eve parties, plan a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here the fireworks will astound and the dancing in the street will seem to never end. Wear white to Copacabana Beach, for good luck in the coming year. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the new year begins at the height of summer, add in incredible Brazilian festivities, food and culture, and you are sure to chase away any winter blues. One of our preferred travel vendors, Avanti Destinations has incredible vacation packages and deals centered around Rio for New Year's, this is one experience which is sure to transform you.

Whether you stay close to home or travel the globe for the holiday season, there is always something exciting to do and new to discover each year. Travel makes a wonderful gift, helping you and your loved ones create life long memories together. The agents of C.P. Trips are ready to help you plan your next holiday adventure, where ever you want to go, within your budget and with all ages in mind. Call us at 503-658-5646 or email to book your next holiday.