November 7, 2016

Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!)- Travel Made Easy

I am excited to announce the re-launch of a travel program dear to my heart. C.P. Trips' Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) is a series of hosted vacations ranging from around the state, to around the world. Classy Ladies Getaways provides a fun way for solo traveling women to join up with others who are ready to explore a destination or enjoy a specific experience.

We say couples too as my husband Tony and I host some of these trips ourselves.
We truly love to travel, and enjoy being able to share our experiences with others. These small-group vacation packages are geared toward independent women who love to travel, or are ready to begin a new adventure, yet friends or partners are always welcome along.  We are working up 2017 and 2018 itineraries over the coming weeks. Check back here often as I post details of what you can expect on the various Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) packages.

You may wonder if one of our getaways will be right for you. Ask yourself a few questions to get an idea. Do you often travel solo but don’t want to go it truly alone? Do you have a group of friends ready to travel somewhere together, but have not decided where? Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or simply have your curiosity peaked, a Classy Ladies Getaway is worth checking out. Let us take care of all the details while you enjoy a vacation like no other. Some itineraries in the works include:

o   Exploring Cuban culture
o   The Yukon by Sea & Land
o   Whale Watching & Gardens in Victoria B.C.
o   Fiesta Siesta & Balloons in Santa Fe
o   New York: Broadway & Fall Foliage
o   Southern Hospitality in Savannah
o   Shakespeare & River Rafting in Ashland
o   San Francisco Long Weekend
o   Cook Island Tropical Retreat
o   Tahitian Paradise Getaway

Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) offers concierge services with your travel plans, to ensure all your needs are met and you have a memorable vacation. Physical Limitations are not a restriction or disability when it comes to travel, and Classy Ladies Getaways are all about helping you have a wonderful and memorable experience. Whether you have dietary needs, or accessibility concerns, or room & board specifics,  I will work directly with you to ensure your travel on  a Classy Ladies Getaway is worry free. I have set up this unique travel program of specific destination itineraries to help make travel easier for you. I am passionate about travel, and my clients too, both of which are the inspiration behind Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!). Call or email C.P. Trips today to learn more: 503-658-5646/ You can also check out more travel ideas, including Classy Ladies Getaways (& Couples Too!) itineraries, at our website.

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