March 30, 2015

Say “Bula!” to Fiji

Have you ever had a dream of really getting away from it all and escaping to a tropical paradise where you can simply relax on a pristine beach with vibrant waves of teal blue water all around you? Have you ever pictured yourself amongst palm trees and breezes on a secluded island with your door just steps away from a lagoon? There is such a place as this, and you can find it in Fiji. You can also experience the incredible happiness and kindness of the people of Fiji and their “Bula!” approach to life.
Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji has 333 tropical islands of peace and happiness. The island spirit is expressed best with the word “Bula!”  This is the Fijian word for greetings and blessings, similar to Aloha in Hawaii. Where ever you go in Fiji, you will meet some the warmest, friendliest people on the planet, and always be welcomed in great Bula! fashion.

Fiji is a top place to visit for eco-tourism with its pristine natural areas, white sandy beaches and soft coral diving. There are mountainous garden villages,
waterfall treks, and therapeutic mud-pools and hot-springs waiting for you to come and enjoy. There are also International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) programs on Fiji where you can directly help make a difference, with turtle conversation and organic farming being two of main project areas where volunteers are always needed and more especially welcomed.

For those Destination Wedding bound, Fiji is an amazing place to be. There are hundreds of choices in location for that perfect tropical wedding on the islands of Fiji. From all-inclusive resorts to your own private island wedding, this tropical paradise has all the services you need to plan and have the wedding of your dreams, not to mention your honeymoon.  With places like Quamea Island, a privately owned resort on its own island, you will be in the lap of luxury and relaxation from the moment you arrive.
If you are looking for exciting outdoor fun in a tropical setting, Fiji offers a variety of water sports, from jet skis to catamarans, chartered fishing and sailing, your days will be filled with once in a lifetime experiences. The scuba diving is world- renowned in these islands as well. You can even have fun with a jungle skirmish in a game of laser tag. No matter what you want to do, chances are, you can do it in the Fiji Islands.

There are independent travel options, all-inclusive resorts, simple lodgings, private islands, recreational sports and spa pampering all available in Fiji.  Cindy and her husband Tony have been to these beautiful South Pacific Islands a few times over the years. She would love to share her experiences with you and help you plan your own Bula! Fijian Getaway.

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