March 30, 2015

Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad- Part Three of Three

Rounding out our three part series on important travel documents you need to know about, this entry covers something you many not have thought about, but it is important that you do. Many decisions are to be made when it comes to traveling, and this is a big one to consider.

Did you know that most standard insurance plans do not cover the unexpected when it comes to travel? Planning and paying for a vacation is an investment of both your time and money. What would happen if something unforeseen occurred and you were unable to go on a trip you had paid for, or if you couldn’t finish the journey?  Travel professionals recommend purchasing a Travel Insurance plan to cover unexpected trip cancellations or interruptions, unforeseen medical needs, thefts and more. A comprehensive Travel Insurance plan won’t give you the photos or memories made while abroad, but it will help you cover emergency expenses or refund your investment.

While your medical insurance is there to help you cover the cost of an accident or illness, travel insurance reimburses your non-refundable money paid towards your vacation should you become unexpectedly ill and unable to take your trip. What if a close family member had a medical emergency and you are unable to travel? The right travel insurance plan will cover your financial loss. If the weather results in your flight being cancelled, causing you to miss a tour departure date, travel insurance will help you get the funds you paid back.  

Imagine being on a cruise, and an accident occurs keeping you from completing your trip. Travel Insurance will refund you the portion of funds from the remaining days of your travel plans. Should an excursion or tour company be unable to provide the services you paid for in advance of your vacation, Travel Insurance can refund you for the loss. Plans also cover trip delays, lost or stolen luggage and personal items, missed connections and baggage delays. Emergency travel services are included as well, such as assisting with English interpretation for medical or legal needs, cash advances and replacement of lost travel documents like your passport, visa or airline ticket. 

There are countless stories from experienced travelers who have had to deal with something like these situations, and having a good Travel Insurance plan made all the difference. To get the most out of a Travel Insurance plan, it should be purchased within 10-15 days of the time you place a deposit down for your vacation. While plans for those over the age of 50 are a bit higher in cost, most plans can be purchased for between 5-10% of the total cost of the trip. Insurance is all about deflecting the impact of the unexpected, and protecting your investment. When traveling far from home, especially internationally, having a Travel Insurance plan is a value worth the cost for the peace of mind you receive. 

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