March 30, 2015

Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad- Part Two of Three

Continuing our series on Important Travel Documents for Travel Abroad,  there is more to entering a new country than just showing your passport. When you travel across borders, you also have to deal customs and getting into a country, and then do it all over again when you return to the United States. You have to get your luggage and trek with it, sometimes a long distance in the terminal, only to stand in a long line waiting your turn to get the final ok to enter. You have had a long journey, you’re tired, you want to just get out of the airport and go home. What if there was an easier, quicker option for re-entry into the U.S.?
Well now, there is! The US now has the Global Entry Program. It is designed for low risk, frequent travelers crossing international boarders regularly. While the program is geared to get you back into the United States more efficiently, there are some countries you can also travel into and get the same benefits of quicker entry. Currently Canada, Mexico and the Netherlands will accept the Global Entry Pass. With frequent travel to Canada there is the NEXUS card that you can also get and for Mexico there is the SENTRI pass.  These cards, when used in conjunction with the Global pass will let you cross the border more quickly in either direction. For the Netherlands, your Global Entry pass will work to get you into and out of the country faster.  For all other international travel, the Global Pass at this time is the best way to get back into the United States, no matter where you have traveled to.

With the Global Entry Pass you get the following benefits:

·       No standing in line for passport control checks
·       No paper forms for customs to be completed
·       Expedited travel from gate to terminal
·       Pass can be used at most International airports in the U.S.
·       No lengthy customs or immigration questions
·       NEXUS and SENTRI card holds can apply for no additional cost

So if you travel out of the country frequently the Global Entry Pass could be a time saver that you will love to have. Check out all the details including the application form and process at the US Immigrationwebsite.

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